About Sportsmen on Film

Sportsmen on Film, Inc., is the largest producer of hunting DVDs in the world and has been since 1984. When you purchase a Sportsmen on Film DVD, you are purchasing a quality product. Their titles include 21 on hunting Africa (including 6 with Peter Capstick), 27 on hunting North America (including 3 with Grits Gresham and 2 with Jim Zumbo), 2 on hunting South America, 5 on hunting Europe, 3 on hunting the South Pacific, 6 on hunting Asia, 4 shooting titles, and 2 greatest hits for a total of 70.


Ken is the president of Sportsmen on Film, Inc. and is a consultant for both Lad Shunneson Adventures and Ryan Wilson Adventures, LLC. In addition to producing all of the DVD titles for Sportsmen on Film, he also wrote "Sport Hunting on Six Continents" and produced the Capstick audio, "African Campfires." He has received the "World Hunting and Conservation Award" from SCI and the "Grand Slam," "Triple Slam" and "Super Slam" awards from GSCO. In addition he has shot all 6 of North America's wild turkeys twice and has caught 8 of the 9 billfish of the world.


Ryan is Ken's son and the owner of Ryan Wilson Adventures, LLC. He has hunted 5 continents and now specializes in booking experienced hunters to Iran and Liberia; two of the world's most unique hunting destinations.


Lad is the owner of Lad Shunneson Adventures. He has spent a lifetime in the hunting and fishing industry and has probably been on more trips than anyone as a hunter, guide, and fisherman (literally dozens every year). He has shot over 600 record book big game trophies, has caught all 9 of the world's billfish, and has the world wild turkey slam. He specializes in hunting adventures in North America, Spain, and South Africa and he personally outfits dozens of fishing adventures annually.


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