Kudus & Caracals
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Kudu are the most sought after of Africa's big game. South Africa is home to the Eastern Cape Greater Kudu and the Southern Greater Kudu; the latter growing the largest horns of all the Kudu. In the Eastern Cape, professional hunter Bill Wille of Professionals of Africa guides both Ken and Ryan Wilson to record book Kudu on a safari hosted by Arthur Rudman. In the Transvaal, Bill guides the Wilsons to two more huge Kudu including a monster 60 incher. Numerous record book bulls are passed on-camera including eight different Kudu with horns of 54 to 58 inches!

Caracal have never before been hunted on-camera. With the assistance of Rex Amm, Bill Wille guides his wife, Donna, and the Wilsons to three big, male Caracal...the infamous killers of both domestic and wild stock that are also known as the African Lynx.

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